2014 has been a pretty good year for us. It involved some of our strongest and most diverse releases as a label, and we’ve been looking for a way to celebrate. So we’re offering all 4 of our releases this year at a reduced price, and top it off we’re throwing in a shirt with it, too.

Check it at Useless Distribution

PARISIAN WALLS are pretty proud of their album, and we’re proud to release it. They put all their heart into it, so thanks for supporting THE ETERNAL HUNTER whether you got it digitally, or picked up a CD/LP and merch. They’re busy booking tons of shows for 2015 and they’ll be announced soon.

GET THE SHOT are back from their European tour and are more than happy with their time over here. Every show was great. Thank you for supporting this band. In the CD bundle, you get their latest release NO PEACE IN HELL. If you pick up the vinyl bundle, you get a limited LP version of their first album PERDITION. Everyone’s a winner.

ALEA JACTA EST just came back from their Indonesian tour, which was maybe the best thing they did since they started the band. Thanks for all of the support everyone’s shown during the Vae Victis era. All shirts are almost sold out, but don’t worry we’re working on it.

THE GREAT DIVIDE have planned a Japan tour in January to promote their brand new album White Bird. It’s easily the most melodic album we’ve released. This is masterpiece of modern hardcore and they deserve to be visiting the other side of the world off the back off of this release.

Thank you to everyone who helped us in any way, to our label crew, and to our print crew. We just want this adventure to carry on. We don’t forget the promoters, webzines, fanzines, radio shows, the people around us who spread our news & shake our hands with a smile every time we meet you at a show.

Life is great.