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GET THE SHOT – No peace in hell OUT NOW!!

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« No peace in hell » is available now !
You can get your copy at Useless Distribution Store

Pulling off a sound akin to 90’s hardcore bands like Strife and Ringworm while incorporating elements of 80’s trash metal, its latest achievement, “No peace In Hell” is a dark and brooding record delivered with the distinctive ferocity and violent vigour of five disillusioned spirits who have nothing left to lose. No fashion, no frills, no lies. Get The Shot is all about rage and anger toward this harsh place we live in.

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Santa Claus is here and brought TGD their new crewnecks and Tshirts, ENJOY! Available at Landscape Rockshop and on TGD bigcartel! http://thegreatdivide.bigcartel.com/

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The Brutal Deceiver

The Brutal Deceiver is the new Chaotic Deathcore sensation from Laval, France. If we were to describe them in three words it would be: Brutal,

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