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MANU ARMATA "Invictus" red LP

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MManu Armata | The Story Behind Invictus

Manu Armata has been around for more than thirteen years now. So for this album we wanted to explore different and new things, musically, while still maintaining the familiar Manu style. We wanted to incorporate some things in our music we haven’t done before, think melodic elements and guitar solos amongst others. We also wanted to make sure the record was not just a collection of songs, but a more cohesive album with returning elements throughout the whole record. This way you can listen to the album as a whole as well as every song on its own. Lyrically we wanted to go for more of a positive approach while still keeping the Manu flavour. The goal became to write an album which motivates people both lyrically and musically. Whether they are hitting the gym, working on their dream or feeling down and out.

During the writing process WD came across the poem ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley. After reading this he got inspired, things clicked and everything came together. The songs include subjects such as: pushing forward in the face of defeat, chasing your dreams, never giving up, believing in yourself, following your own path in life and in this world and keeping a positive mental attitude while doing so. Since we all know the world is tough and fucked up we wanted to change the focus from that and give people something that could drive them. We wanted to write lyrics
that can inspire them to do the best they can, be the best they can be and reinforce the belief in oneself despite circumstances. When the whole album came together there was simply no better title than the poem itself: ‘Invictus’ meaning unconquered or undefeated.

Track Listing :
01 - Initium
02 - Remain radical
03 - Rise & fall
04 - Nothing is given
05 - Strength of mind
06 - Havoc & distress
07 - Darkest hour
08 - Warrior mentality
09 - Still here
10 - No victory 2020
11 - From the heart 2020
12 - Final words